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makeup remover
All you need for a real clarity
C00S Treatment Cleansing Oil
This luxunios, light fluid contents natural virgin oils in its highest grades.eg : Olive and Ricebran. Provides speedy make up removal; leaving skin clean and smooth, Encapsulated vitamins to boost vitality and re-texturizing while cleansing. W/O soluble. Massage with dry fingertips over entire face, add with warm water until milky, rinse with cold water. Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy. Fragrance-free. Non-comedogenic. External use.
A Hydrating cleanser in a luxe
C02A Gentle Cleansing Milk
This extremely mild yet effective cleanser lift off the dirt and make-up easily and gently. Its delicate formula leaves skin clean and smooth;Soft but non-greasy. W/O soluble. Use daily,apply with fingertips in gentle circular motion,rinse with water. Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy.
cleansing milk
This 2-in-1 energizing wash leaves skin a super-boost
C03A Whitening Airy Wash
Contains organic botanicals, combines clearing & cell renewing effects. Emolymph extract absorbs oxygen from the air and delivers it to the surface of the epidermis. Using daily to refresh tired and pale cells and a clear and bright complexion appears.Smooth gently on dry face and massage, rinse with water. High-rinsibilty. Fragrance-free. External use.
So blindingly good at clearing blackheads
C05F Vitamilk Powder Wash
Containing natural enzymes from milk and botanicals, it exfoliates dead surface cells and softens blackheads. Encapsulated L-Vitamin C clarifys the complexion and accelerates the natural de-pigmentation. Use daily or as needed. Mix a small amount with lukewarm water, apply with circular motions, rinse thoroughly with cold water. Fragrance-free. External use.
powder wash
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