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skin care
herbalup face remedy
Say goodbye to double chin
M37A Herbalup Face Remedy
This clear-massage essence refines excess dead cells in a delicate and natural way; without any abrasive particles. it leaves the skin fresh, smooth, radiant and retextured. Used 20 types of oriental herbs and a new technology 'Kinetic Release' to achieves massage benefits while softening skin's old keratins. Smooth a grape-sized drop of cream over face using gentle spiral motions for 1-3 minutes, rinse with water. External use.
Terminator of clogged pore
W51A Refiness Massage
100g / 50g
This luxunios, light fluid contents natural virgin oils in its highest grades. eg: Olive and Ricebran. Provides speedy make up removal; leaving skin clean and smooth, Encapsulated vitamins to boost vitality and re-texturizing while cleansing. W/O soluble. Massage with dry fingertips over entire face, add with warm water until milky, rinse with cold water. Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy. Fragrance-free. Non-comedogenic. External use.
cleansing massage
whitening massage
3 Minute brightening spa
W52A Ion White Touch
300g / 100g
This watery cream-gel replenishes the moisture to the skin during massage. it leaves the skin translucent, smooth and resilience. Contains: SMK Ions, L-VC and Moisture Simulator, using "Kinetic Release Technology" to achieves massage benefits while stimulates skin metabolism to create a clear complexion. Smooth 3-5 gm of cream over face using gentle spiral motions for 1 minutes, add water to massage 1 more minute, rinse with water.
'Labsolutely softening' for face + body
W53S Toning Oil Concentrate
170ml / 120ml
A rich and pleasant massage fluid that promotes resilience and firmness while helping prevent sagging and other signs of aging. This fluid doesn't just work on the face, but enhances overall skin quality, nails and hair-ends. Contains a blend of pure virgin oils, essential oils and botanical extracts. Massage over face, body or hair. remove excess with water. External use.
massage oil